In a recent interview with Tamara Myers, she discusses her 2017 season and what she expects for

Myers indicated that 2017 was her best season in a long time, especially due to improvements in her
triple jump. So much, in fact, that she is the Bahamian record holder in the event. Myers made the World
Championships, becoming the first Bahamian to compete in the triple jump at the event.

Although she finished last in her group with a jump of 13.41 in the event, Myers said it was a great
experience particularly as she got the opportunity to compete against those she faced collegiately and
against the greatest world class triple jumpers.

As for her decision with her opening event, Myers wants to see where she is at early in the season. She
wants to make an indoor meet feels confident where her abilities are now in terms of the triple jump.

In her current event, there is more of a challenge to complete the jump as the run-up is shorter, only 45
feet (down from normal of 55 or 60 feet). Although her distance was not her best, she says it was "pretty
ok" considering the short run-up.

Myers feels significantly more advanced and improved than last season and is looking forward to
becoming even better in the future. Knowing what she has already accomplished and her work ethics,
Myers will likely see more qualification on World Championship teams and also improved personal times.

By Drew Farmer

Twitter @DrewMFarmer

The Bahamas has a long history with track and field. It is the country's number one sport, and the nation has produced world-class athletes like Shaunae Miller-Uibo and Steven Gardiner. Yet, one athletics discipline that has been often ignored by The Bahamas has been cross-country. However, Bahamas Association of Athletics Associations Secretary General Drumeco Archer believes the country has woken up to the sport, and cross-country running has raised interest in athletes and athletics fans like never before.

"Historically, the cross-country season has never been a high-water mark for the federation," Archer said. "For whatever the reason, we've never been able to get the kids out and the fans out to support.

"I thought this season, in particular, was a prelude to a very successful track and field program, because cross-country, in my mind, has always been the foundation for the training of the upcoming season."

The cross-country season has had the misfortune of timing over the years. Often used as a way to get track and field athletes fit for the new athletics season, cross-country competitions have failed to ignite the enthusiasm of the Bahamian runners and fans.

The BAAA’s has, however, noticed a change in the excitement that athletes have shown toward cross-country. The 2017 season saw a new wave of Bahamian runners take part in the sport, and the hope is cross-country running will see more growth in the future.

It isn't just young, promising Bahamian runners who have taken part in the cross-country events this season. At the annual Bay Street Mile event, Shaunae Miller-Uibo participated as the event's patron. Meanwhile, 2017 IAAF World Championships silver medalist, Steven Gardiner and elite sprinter Jeffery Gibson took part in the cross-country event alongside promising youth athletes.

Archer feels cross-country is on the rise in The Bahamas thanks to the passion and excitement being instilled in young runners. That excitement has been created by senior athletes, and is being passed on to a new generation.

"The Bay Street Mile has been a marquee event," Archer explained. "In recent times, it hasn't been very successful as there haven't been large numbers of participation, nor has there been the fan viewership.

"This year, in particular, was the watershed for a new Bay Street Mile. We had a large number of participants coming out, and what I thought was most interesting, was that the focus was not on senior athletes, but on attracting young people to the sport and creating that environment where everyone can be a part of this movement of track and field."

Archer's enthusiasm for a new era in cross-country comes after a decade of low numbers and disinterest from athletes. From local athletics clubs "pulling teeth" to get participants to runners now coming out in the hundreds for cross-country meets, Archer is excited about the future.

"And I thought this was one of the best cross-country seasons I've seen in the last 10 years," Archer said. "I'm happy to say we are off to a great start and, from my perspective, this will bode well for our preparation for the CARIFTA Games.

Asked about why athletes are more readily running in cross-country events this season, Archer believes it has a lot to do with a shift in the IAAF's presentation.

"If you look at the IAAF, the focus is now slowly shifting from the 100m as the sexy event to the middle distance and distance running becoming very, very popular," Archer stated."I think it has to do with the quality of athletes we attract to the event itself.

"I believe when you consider where we are in the sport, when it becomes a more participatory event for the fans watching, I think cross-country will become a very exciting race to watch."

Due to being team based, Archer predicts cross-country will grow in The Bahamas as young athletes discover the sport.

"We can attract more people, more young people who just want to go out there and have a good time. The appeal has grown tremendously," Archer said.

Archer believes the Bay Street Mile and other recent cross-country meets are indicators The Bahamas is moving forward in the sport. Cross-country may have had a lull during the last decade, but with new athletes discovering the sport, the event looks like it is running into a bright new future.

In The Bahamas, the Bahamas Association of Athletics Associations hosted its annual Odd Distance meet to begin the new season. The meet manager was Coach Dexter Bodie was interviewed and gave insight into the event and what the coaches and athletes do to prepare for the 2018 season.

A total of 545 athletes registered for the event, which Bodie was very proud of; he was particularly impressed that all the coaches registered their teams on time.

At the Odd Distance meets since it is usually the first for the year, coaches use the meet to assess where their athletes are at in terms of performance and fitness. Coaches have a great opportunity to see their athletes making adjustments heading into the 2018 season. They can fine-tune or tweak things to get the athletes to where they need to be to compete at their highest level.

As for what he is seeing in the level of competition, coach Bodie says it is very competitive. Although one or two of the athletes are pulling ahead of the pack, generally the top finishers are close, showing how competitive the events are.

Bodie is very happy with the support and as he walked around during the meet, it was very pleasing to see the parents, executives, officials, and others enjoying themselves. He says seeing the support and everyone involved doing their part and stepping up to the plate to make the meet a success, is very rewarding.

As to the mindset of the athletes going into the rest of the year, coach Bodie indicated the athletes should have much enthusiasm and motivation heading into 2018.  Moving forward, all the coaches will analyze and work with their athletes so that by February and March, they will be ready to compete for a pot on the CARIFTA team.

The T-Bird Flyers Track & Field Club, established in 1983, is holding its 2018 Track & Field Classic on
January 12th at 6 pm and January 13th at 12 pm. The meet, which has been held on for the past ten
years, is the first meet of the season.

Coach Foster Dorsett discussed various aspects of the meet. Dorsett mentioned the meet is expected to
take place over the course of two days. This way there can be many events for the coaches to monitor
their athlete’s performances in terms of training at the beginning of the season.

This year’s meet he advised, will be promoted somewhat slightly different. Last year, there was a good
turnout but this year going higher, by doing a little something different as time goes on.

Some of the events on the first night include the 4 x 100 meters and the 4 x 400 meters. The distance
events were added for kids mainly under 9 and 11 years old to get them accustomed to distance running.
On the second day, events will include the 4 x 400 meters and 4 x 200 meters for kids under 7 and under
9. For the under 7, instead of running around the track for the 200 meters, the kids will run 100 meters up
and back.

The meet has an extra day and extra events this year, much to the liking of the coaches as it allows them
to add more athletes. Due to the promotional exercise of this event, past success and this meet being
the first of the season, the registration of athletes is expected to surpass last year’s attendance of under
800 athletes.

Coach Dorsett mentions that due to the number of events, there will be a strict time for each event. Once
one event is completed, the next event will start rapidly so coaches and athletes must be ready.

Coach Dorsett is very grateful to all those persons who have assisted him in the past and also with this
meet. He especially gives thanks to the parents and also to Kermit Taylor for helping with the promotion
of last year's event; he expressed that without Taylor’s assistance, the turnout would not have been so
great. He says once again this year, he anticipates Taylor’s assistance to help surpass last year's

Dorsett also expressed his gratitude to all the coaches as without their participation, the meet would not
be possible.

The Williams Johnson Cross Country Class was held at the Blue Hills Golf Range on October 14. Club Monica Athletics founder and coach Diane Woodside-Johnson, recently talked about the event, her athlete's participation and also what to expect from them in the future.

Woodside-Johnson was very pleased with the number of athletes participating in the 1, 2 and 3-mile races.  She was also impressed and pleased with the 35 club members who participated, which exceeded the anticipated numbers. Given that they are mainly a sprint and hurdles club, the fact that most finished did not go unnoticed.

When asked what this event does for the athletes at this stage of the season, coach Woodside-Johnson says it helps with their volume training in terms of their total mileage. Generally, the athletes run in spurts of 200, 300 and 400 meters, but running a mile or two is acceptable for this stage of the season.

With the increase in cross country events at this time of year, coach Woodside-Johnson was asked about her thoughts on the schedule. She is clearly pleased with this increase as it bodes well for the distance program at Club Monica.  It gives her a chance to observe the athletes closely to see which ones can handle the long distance. Those athletes are then harnessed and trained in the right direction.

Coach Diane Woodside-Johnson is well respected and one of the top track coaches. With her leadership and work ethics of the athletes, expect Club Monica Athletics to produce many solid long-distance runners for years to come.

December 2, 2017

The Basics
Event: Bob Timmons Challenge hosted by the University of Kansas

Location: Lawrence, Kan. / Anschutz Sports Pavilion
Complete Results

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Oral Roberts track and field used its indoor season opener to make a splash with three event titles and 20 top-five finishes Saturday at the Bob Timmons Challenge at Anschutz Sports Pavilion. Eight of those high results came from freshmen (three men and four women) making their debut in the navy and gold.

The Golden Eagle women boasted 10, top-five results on their first day of competition this season with Aniekeme Etim breaking the ORU record in the 60 meter dash in her collegiate debut, while sophomore Mercy Abireclaimed an individual title in the long jump.

The men added 10, top-five spots behind a pair of familiar names with event wins as Israel Nelson won the 60 meter hurdles before Jaden Purnell topped the field in the triple jump.

News & Notes
- The Golden Eagles placed three runners in the top nine of the women's
60 meter dash highlighted by Etim's record-breaking performance. Abire raced to sixth place and Cameron Hilliard crossed the finish line in ninth.

- Hilliard, a senior, anchored three newcomers to the program to a second-place result in the 4x400 meter relay.

- Freshman Victor Peka was the only runner for ORU's men to post a pair of top-five finishes placing 3rd in the 200 meters and fourth in the 60 meters.

- Fellow newcomers Cameron Neely (49.71) and Freddie Johnson (49.76) went back-to-back in the 400 meters placing second and third, respectively, by winning their heats. Aobakwe Malau also ran to ninth in the same race.

Men's Top-Eight Finishers
60 Meter Hurdles
1st – Israel Nelson – 8.14

60 Meter Dash
4th – Victor Peka – 6.88

600 Yard Run
4th – Bryce Choate – 1:13.74

400 Meter Dash
2nd – Cameron Neely – 49.71
3rd – Freddie Johnson – 49.76

200 Meter Dash
2nd – Omeiza Akerele – 21.90
3rd – Victor Peka – 22.05

Weight Throw
8th – Jordan Baker – 14.38m (47-2.25)

Pole Vault
t-4th – Matt Owen – 4.91m (16-1.25)
t-7th – Tommy Dial – 4.76m (15-7.25)

Triple Jump
1st – Jaden Purnell – 15.03m (49-3.75)

Long Jump
4th – Jaden Purnell – 6.93m (22-9.0)


Women's Top-Eight Finishers
60 Meter Hurdles
2nd – Sasha Wells – 8.78

60 Meter Dash
2nd – Aniekeme Etim – 7.42 (School Record)
6th – Mercy Abire – 7.72

600 Yard Run
8th – Omega Reese – 1:29.74

One Mile Run
4th – Jessica Romero – 5:26.62
5th – Hope Ngo – 5:37.24

400 Meter Dash
6th – Christina Ollison – 58.59

200 Meter Dash
3rd – Sasha Smith-Pollard – 25.33
5th – Kayvon Stubbs – 25.42

4x400 Meter Relay
2nd – Sasha Smith-PollardChristina OllisonAniekeme EtimCameron Hilliard – 3:51.84

Pole Vault
3rd – Tiffany Estala – 3.82m (12-6.25)

High Jump
7th – Hosanna Wilder – 1.50m (4-11.0)

Long Jump
1st – Mercy Abire – 5.79m (19-0.0)
3rd – Amaya Christon – 5.74m (18-10.0)

Up Next
The Golden Eagles take an extended break for the end of the semester before returning to the track in 2018 at the Arkansas Invitational January 12.

For the latest information on ORU Track and Field, follow the Golden Eagles on Facebook and Twitter or go to  Fans can also receive updates on the team by downloading the Golden Eagles Front Row App at or in the App Store. 

Born January 2nd, 1938, Sir Arlington Butler passed Thursday evening at the
Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau.

Butler attended Loughborough Training College in England and taught at The
Government High School and Jordan Prince Williams High School in Nassau.
Butler was “large in life” as he became president of the Bahamas Athletic
Association and served until 1968.

Elected to Parliament in 1968 Butler became speaker of the House, serving
from 1972 to 1977, becoming the first speaker in an Independent Bahamas.
Butler became an attorney while speaker of the House.

He served in the cabinet in several ministries, both in the Progressive
Political Party and the Free National Movement, which he joined in 1977.
Butler served as Ambassador to the United States.

He served as president of the Bahamas Olympic Association from 1973 to
2008, one of the longest-serving presidents of any National Olympic
committees in history.

During that time he was able to contribute to sports in the Central America
and Caribbean area, the Pan American area and the Association of National
Olympic Committees.

In 1996 Butler was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

In 2013 he received the Pierre de Coubertin Award for his contribution to the
Olympic movement. De Coubertin is the founder of the modern Olympic

Butler was pre-deceased by his wife Sheila and remarried Hazel nee Scott.

He is survived by Hazel and children Arvin, Arlington Gibao, Krystal Lafleur,
and Kara Butler-Wright.

Alpheus Finlayson
Nassau, Bahamas

Writer: Cherolyn Moss

If you were not at the Bahama Hot Rod Race Track on Saturday past, you missed a showdown amongst

the “Who’s Who” in the athletics road race arena of the age group under 8-year-olds.

The 3 rd Annual Thelma Murray Memorial 1 Mile Race held December 2nd, 2017, from all accounts, met its
objectives. Race organizer Steven Murray said the race was a success and they were very pleased with
the attendance and the athlete’s performances.

Murray would have had a special interest in these races as the late Mrs. Thelma Murray is his dear mom.
Mrs. Murray who was no stranger to track and field grew up with the Bain Town Flyers Track and Field
Club under popular coach Neville Wisdom. Murray said his mom supported him and his other siblings in
everything they did; she not only supported her children, he advised but she also supported the other
kids as well and was known as the “Parent of the Bain Town Flyers Track and Field Club.”

This wonderful lady gave unselfishly and assisted around the track in any way she could. “She was
involved by making uniforms, cooking and feeding anyone who needed to be fed not only the Bain Town
Flyers Club but anyone who needed to be fed including members of other clubs.”

The Thelma Murray Memorial 1 Mile Road Race is unique as it caters to children up to under 20; it
is however not held on the streets as other road races but held on the secluded premises of Bahamas
Hot Rod track located near the Queen Elizabeth Sports Complex. Why that location one may ask? “The
safety of the kids. We don’t want to be on the road and that location is very safe with no vehicles on the
road or traffic,” says the protective Coach.

“Our main focus is to get the kids to run a road race but without the traffic,” Murray adds.
The meet which was canceled last year due to the hurricane, deemed great results this year and
allowed the coaches to get an idea where their athletes are in terms of performances. “Being the off season,
as continuous training can get very boring, coaches are looking for ways other than training
every day for the kids.”

Proud Coach Murray loves working with the kids and his advice to them at such a tender age is to do the
best that they can and “to run your heart out and leave everything on the track.”

Great advice. Bahamas Athletics wishes the organizers of The Thelma Murray Memorial 1 Mile Road
Race continued success.


The romance life of John Renaldo and Shericka Constance Paige is beautiful. They were so in love with
each other that not even distance could destroy their love life.

This beautiful couple’s love for each other certainly proves that “absence makes the heart grow

It all started some years ago at a local clinic when by divine providence, John met Shericka who he knew
instantly would be the “apple of his eye.” To John, Shericka was perfect and she had all the qualities he
ever wanted in a woman; bold, beautiful and a beautiful smile.

Little did John know that Shericka who was the doctor’s assistant at the time, had the same intuition
that he had; Shericka also knew that one day John would be the love of her life. Shericka was very
impressed with John as she felt that John had the qualities a lady needed in a man; handsome, full of
life, kind and generous were a few of these qualities.

The relationship blossomed and not even distance could separate these two lovebirds. As it happened,
John later got a job as the Head Physical Education teacher in Andros at the North Andros high school.
During their initial meeting at the clinic, John was there to complete the medical work in order to secure
that job.

The two loved each other and continuously communicated via the telephone. The love between them
grew and “knew no boundaries.”

Both John and Shericka’s parents approved of their relationship. Shericka lived at the time, with her
parents in Freeport and despite her busy schedule while pursuing her medical degree, she was sure to
keep in touch with the love of her life who was far away in Andros. Despite the attractive Shericka being

pursued by doting fellow male medical students, she remained true to her love John and graciously
denied their request.

Despite missing his love, John continued to work hard in Andros as an experienced coach in
track and field. John was always surrounded by athletes who wanted to make it big in athletics and
those who wanted to gain from his wealth of knowledge. Due to his kind nature, John was well liked and
persons depended on him for track and field training. On one occasion, when a number of athletes were
stranded and needed a place to lay their heads, kind-hearted John quickly opened up his home and
provided accommodations to the athletes.

No doubt, John’s kind-heartedness was one of the big magnets that attracted Shericka to him.
Despite the distance between them, the couple still found time to visit each other during the holidays.
During visits to Freeport, the couple had a wonderful time together while rekindling their love for each
other. Flowers were John’s first-hand pleasing materials; each visit to his love, John can be seen carrying
a lovely bouquet that simply “lit up” Shericka’s eyes.

Knowing that one day he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, during one of his visits to
Freeport, John proposed and of course, the answer was a resounding Yes!

Today, John and Shericka are happily married.

Their wedding was well attended as the couple is well loved. The couple has two children, a boy and a
baby girl.

We wish God’ blessings on this union.

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Cross-country running sees new interest in The Bahamas

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BAAA Starts the 2018 Season with the annual Odd Distance Meet

In The Bahamas, the Bahamas Association of Athletics Associations hosted its annual Odd Distance meet to begin the new season. The meet manager was Coach Dexter Bodie was interviewed and gave ...

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Coach Foster Dorsett Talks About 2018 T-Bird Flyers Track and Field Classic

The T-Bird Flyers Track & Field Club, established in 1983, is holding its 2018 Track & Field Classic onJanuary 12th at 6 pm and January 13th at 12 pm. The meet, which has been held on for the past ...