Anthonique Strachan paying tribute to a giant of a man – the Late Honourable Bernard ‘BJ’ Nottage.

All the way from Auburn, Alabama, The Bahamas’ very own 200 meter World Junior record holder Anthonique Strachan expressed her sadness on the untimely passing of ‘BJ’ Nottage. “When I heard the news, I was in shock and did not want to believe what I had heard,” says the solemn sprinter.

“It was a bit surreal,” Strachan added.

Dr. Nottage will be missed by all particularly the track and field community which he served as President of the BAAA’s. “Overall, I liked him as the BAAA’s President and for me, he was my favourite BAAA’s President and the best one for track and field in The Bahamas,” Strachan proudly admits.

Strachan advises that when she won the Austin L. Sealy Award, Dr. Nottage was very proud of her and encouraged her. “He was the one that told me a little girl from the ghetto can make it and you have a lot of people looking up to you.” Strachan says that stuck with her because during track and field, she had a number of persons who discouraged her from track. “I had a lot of people tell me that you are only making an entrance and you are not going to do well in track but other than my coaches, Dr. Nottage was one of the few persons who told me that I was going to do well in track.”

Strachan who is preparing for competition at the World Championships being held in London, expressed her condolences to Dr. Nottage’s family.

“I want to send my condolences to ‘BJ’ Nottage’s family, kids and also the track and field family in The Bahamas because we loved someone that really loved track and field and one who did it from the bottom of their heart and did not look for anything in return.”

Rest in peace Dr. ‘BJ’ Nottage.

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