The Return of Sprinter Warren Fraser

Warren Fraser is one of the fastest Bahamian track athletes in history, holding the national record in the 60 meters; he has also competed in the 100 meters at the 2012 Olympic games. Now track fans in The Bahamas will get a chance to see Fraser and numerous other top athletes June 23rd and 24th at the 2017 Bahamas Track& Field Nationals.

Fraser has been dealing with numerous injuries over the past few years but sounds confident that those are in the past, saying his health condition is good. His training coming into the event has been productive and in his words, "good, comfortable and confident."

Fraser is competing in a single event at this year's Nationals, the 100 meter; he sees himself making the qualifiers to head to London. While the competition is always fierce, he somewhat downplays it and says he must stay focused on what he must do to succeed.

When asked how his past experience in the Olympics prepares him for the Nationals, he simply states again how comfortable and confident he is that he can advance to the next level. That is what separates an Olympian from the rest of the great athletes that don't quite achieve that success.

The confidence and focus to achieve is that little extra something to propel them.

On the level of male runners in The Bahamas compared to other parts of the world, Fraser notes that athletes always want to be the one to be on top of the world. This isn't relegated to sprints but other events as well.

Fraser knows as an accomplished track veteran, he must be a motivator to the up and coming athletes. His advice is simple and what he has always followed:  “Focus solely on yourself and not on your competition.”

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