Kinard Rolle Healthy and ready for Nationals in GB

The Bahamas Association of Athletics Association (BAAA’s), will host The Bahamas Track & Field Nationals Friday, June 23rd & Saturday, June 24th. Among the athletes to participate is Kinard Rolle,

sophomore at University of Purdue.

Rolle, a 19-year old out of Nassau set college best times in the 200 meters and 400 meters this year (outdoor) and 500 meters (indoor). He placed first in 14 events this year, including 7 times in the 400 meter, 6 times in 400 meter relay and once in the 200 meters.

Although he's had a solid collegiate season, Rolle indicated he has had many ups and downs particularly dealing with a nagging hamstring injury for nearly a month. After proper training and rehab, he feels healthy and ready to take part in the 400 meters at the Nationals. His goal is a personal record and to take part in the relay pool.

Looking at the competition from the point of view of an up and coming athlete, he feels inspired to compete against the best. He feels he is doing something correctly by gauging himself against the biggest names in the sport, knowing he is inching closer and closer to them.

Rolle credits his past experience to the way he views his competition; he believes that by competing against many international players, it shows how you measure up and prepares you to be the best. It also prepares you in the event that you are not the best year in and year out.

If Rolle can make an elite national team in either an individual race or team relay, he would feel all the running he's done over the last 11 years has finally paid off; all the injuries, rehab and coming back from injuries would all be worth it.

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