Proud Janae Ambrose – competing at the NCAA Division 1 Championships

Bahamian sprinter Janae Ambrose, gave an impressive performance at the NCAA D1 Championship in Eugene, Oregon.
Bahamas Athletics caught up with Ambrose immediately after she competed in the heats of the women’s 200m.
BA:  You are in your 2nd year of university, what did it take for you to get to a Division 1 championship?
JA:  Just staying focused and executing my race and trying to advance until I get here.

BA:  What is the transition like going from Club Monica which you would have been in all your life to being coached under Coach Henry Rolle?
JA:  It is really not much of a difference. I feel Coach Henry and Coach Woodside are much similar in their workout except for the weight program.

BA:   Who yells he loudest coach Dianne Woodside or Coach Henry Rolle?
JA:    Coach Rolle (With a chuckle)

BA:   Talk about getting on the track and preparing to run in the heats of the women’s 200m, what goes through your mind?
JA:   Just trying to focus as much as I can to execute, to get out, stay forward and push as hard as I can to get to the finish line.

BA:  What was Coach Rolle’s instructions?
JA:   Just to get out, maintain, lean forward and swing my arms.

BA:  After it is all said and done, what are you going to take from this experience?
JA:   Stay focused, train harder and come back next year to advance to the finals

BA:    Who would you like to send a shout out to back home?
JA:    Shout out to my mummy, my old coach, my friends, family and Club Monica crew

Janae Ambrose congratulations and we are proud of you!

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