Teray Smith great performance in the finals of the Men’s 200 meters!

The NCAA D1 Track and Field Championships is now being held in Eugene, Oregon at the historic Hayward Field of the campus of University of Oregon.  This championship attracts the ‘best of the best’ in track and field and of course, the ‘best of the best’ means Bahamian athletes are in the midst!

One of those talented Bahamian athletes making a mark at these championships is talented sprinter Teray Smith.

Bahamas Athletics caught up with the very busy Teray who in one day would have competed in the 200, the 4 x 100 and also the 4 x 400!

BA:  Congratulations on making it to the finals; take us through the whole mindset of going through the finals.

Teray: I just tried to stay focused. I came in with the 7th fastest time and I told myself I can’t go back, I have to finished 7th or better to help my team score points. It is just a blessing to be in the finals with such a competitive field of great people.

BA: I noticed the young man that would have won the 200, not too long before the 200 race, he won the 100m so at the end of the day, the caliber of the performances by these guys are really best of their athletic skills.

Teray:  Yes these guys are great. Coleman, if you can just think about it, broke the 100meter record in college so that tells you he is one of the best. So that is the talent we going up against.

BA: After it is all said and done, how do you feel and what are you going to take away from this experience?

Teray: Just continue to work hard. This is just another level that I level up to and I just need to get to another level and get to the world Championships. I am just going to keep going until I get the Gold medal.

BA: I think this is your last NCAA sponsored event, once you get through the 4 x 400 which is coming up soon, in terms of collegiate, what goes through your mind knowing you have just one more race left at this stage in your life?

Teray: Well I am just going to go out there and leave it all on the track. I have a good group of guys on my team who will also be running in the 4 x 400 with me so we are just going to try and win it.

Bahamas Athletics wishes the talented Teray Smith all the best at the NCAA D1 Championship and also in his athletic career!

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