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With one focus in mind, TaVont Mott, stepped up to the starting blocks and with a “bang” of the Mr. Starter’s gun, he was out of the blocks to set a new record in the 200 Meters of the Men’s Under 20 event.
This outstanding performance was staged on February 04, 2017, at the 14th annual Star Trackers,Star Performers Track and Field Classic, which was held at the acclaimed Thomas A. Robinson track and field stadium.
Running with such speed and agility, Motts not only set a new event record with a time of 21.07seconds, but, he noted that he was pleased with his performance, especially as a hurdler.  However, with a higher standard in mind, Mott’s goal is to run a faster time in this event.    
“I felt running this event was really to run the 200 meters in 20.00 seconds in order to make the World Relays” said Mott, who is aiming to make this happen in the next upcoming event at T.A.R., in order to run professionally.
The 18 year old, Mott, who graduates this year from St. Augustine’s College, has an academic goal in mind to attend university.  In fact, with a new career outlook and perspective upon completing his four years of attendance at the “Big Red Machine’s” track and field powerhouse.   SAC’s 2017 graduate stated that his career goal is to become a Pilot and upon completing his studies, “my aim is to return to The Bahamas and develop my country with the establishment of my own company,” reiterated Mott.
As a Star Tracker, Mott has spent five years with the athletic club, whereas, he received his focused training of hard work.  In fact, he noted that while “with the club, I was dying here and there.  However, they helped me a lot to build character and become the honest and respectful man that I am and to be honest, stay focus and push myself harder during practice.”
 As a hurdler, the 2016 Carifta standout received much assistance through Star Performers’ goal which is “to successfully aid in the confidence, development and guidance of young athletes (like Mott) by establishing quality relationships and fostering an environment of trust, collaboration and growth.”
Based on Star Trackers’ goal, Mott sincerely and without hesitation expressed many thanks to Star Trackers Athletic Club head coach David Charlton responsible for Sprints, Hurdles and Quarter Miles; Team Manager, Laura Pratt-Charlton as well as, to Mr. Rudolph Ferguson, National coach and Star Trackers’ Sprints coach.
With much gratitude to these coaches for their continued support in coaching him and pushing him to this level, Mott extended an additional, special appreciation and gratitude of assistance to Olympian, Carl Oliver, a bronze medalist in the relay at the 2000 Summer Olympics and a finalist at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the 1999 World Championships in Athletics. Oliver also helped set a national record of 3:02.85 minutes at the 1995 World Championships in Athletics.  
“He (Oliver) was my mentor, a role model who discovered me, came here and supported me” said Mott, quite calmly.  
In training, the 2016 Carifta record holder who ran a time of 13.1 in the Under 18 Boys 110 Hurdles said, “I am really a hurdler and actually, training is really rough and hard and it takes a lot of vomiting and pain, to get where I am now.”
“In order to perfect myself,” said Mott, “I had to work hard on running curves, run it hard, improve my momentum and take me home to the finish line.”   This aspiring professional athlete said his specific motto is to “have a positive outlook in life, never giving up, even when it seems hard; staying focus on your dreams and putting in the hard work.”
 Furthermore, Mott noted that “even when in pain, an athlete must keep pushing him or herself, never doubting yourself and always be positive, eat healthy and get sufficient rest.”
Head coach, David Charlton noted that Mott “is way ahead of himself and with one month before Carifta Trials, we anticipate that Mott will have a banner season.”  Focusing on Mott’s training, Charlton noted that Mott “is a good student who is coachable and very hungry towards running.  This is rare to find these qualities in an athlete.  Those are qualities of success” Charlton emphasized.
Also, Coach Rudolph Ferguson a sprint coach noted that sometimes he works with Mott for speed. “I watched Mott over the four to five year period and, he has developed into a fine young man who is focused with a goal in mind to accomplishing, goal after goal.  The sky is the limit for him.”
On behalf of the Star Trackers Star Performers Athletic Club, Charlton expressed sincere appreciation to their sponsors, volunteers, officials and most importantly to the parents in making this 14th Star Trackers, Star Performers Track and Field Classic a success. In fact, with a positive note, he said, we were also able to be timely “in getting out of here before dark.”
Star Trackers Club is geared towards the athletic development of young athletes that allows for the improvement of key skills such as discipline, time management and goal setting. As well as with a mentoring and coaching program that provides  an opportunity to expand these skills beyond the athletic forum into a more personal and social capacity.

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