Throwers with no Throwing Facilities

Bahamas Athletics

With the recent chaos brewing by throwers and their coaches with the lack of respect being shown to them in terms of training facilities, notable Coach Bradley Cooper wishes to also speak out against this unfair treatment.
Throwers and their coaches have found themselves lately a very unfortunate predicament having no access to fields. According to Cooper, they have been shut out of having access to the fields and are made to use the University of The Bahamas’ field.
 “I was in the throwing arena from 1974 and the same thing which happened to us with the throwers not being allowed to use the stadium is happening now,” says an irate Cooper.  
“If the NSA had listened to me 5 years ago when they had Carifta, we would not be in this predicament today.” Cooper says he offered his suggestions to authorities with regards to a proper maintenance program which would have allowed for better upkeep of the fields.
Followers and supporters of throwers would have seen the commendable improvements made by throwers over the past years so this situation is such an unfair predicament for the athletes. “If these athletes go out and win a medal, the government and the NSA (National Stadium Association) are up in arms and wishing them all the best. Now they put us in the back burner; they don’t want us to go anywhere,” says Cooper.
Due to recent agitation, it is our understanding that the authorities have promised to make some improvements to the fields at the upcoming meets.
Bahamas Athletics trust that this matter is given attention in order that these athletes and coaches can resume their focus on their training and development.

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