U20 High School Records, Men & Women

Event Perf Athlete School Year
100 Metres 11.18 Debbie Ferguson Saint Andrews 1994
200 Metres 23.68 Debbie Ferguson Saint Andrews 1994
400 Metres 53.86 Vernita Rolle N.G.M Major 1993
800 Metres 2:09.51s Vernita Rolle N.G.M Major 1994
1500 Metres 4:58.46s Hughnique Rolle Saint Augustine’s 2009
3000 Metres 10:50.9 Lucille Guerrier C.I. Gibson 1994
100 Metres Hurdles 14.03 Ivanique Kemp C.R. Walker 2009
400 Metres Hurdles 1.00.77s Devin Cartwright Queen’s College 2010
High Jump 1.77m Daphne Saunders Eight Mile Rock 1989
Long Jump 5.97m Daphne Saunders Eight Mile Rock 1989
Triple Jump 11.64m Abigail Ferguson L.W. Young 1993
Shot Put 13.95m Doris Thompson Nassau Christian Academy 1995
Discus Throw 40.97m Aymara Albury Saint Augustine’s 2002
Javelin Throw 43.96m Tracy Morrison C.C. Sweeting Sr 2005
Pentathlon 2557 Carlene Johnson Bishop Michael Eldon 2006
Heptathlon 4592 Daphne Saunders Bishop Michael Eldon 1989
4x100 Metres 46.84 PACERS R.M. Bailey 2004
(T. Rigby, T. Rigby, E. Neely, T. Ferguson)
4x400 Metres 3:52.58s NGM N.G.M Major 1994
100 Metres 10.39 Judson Jervis C.C. Sweeting 1995
200 Metres 21.11 Marcus Knowles GB Catholic High 1991
400 Metres 48.02 Christopher Brown R.M. Bailey 1997
800 Metres 1.54.63s Devon Armbrister GB Catholic High 2002
1500 Metres 4:03.2s David Bell Eight Mile Rock 1993
5000 Metres 15:41.1s David Bell Eight Mile Rock 1992
3000 Metres Steeplechase 10:48.13s O’Neil Williams L.W. Young 2000
110 Metres Hurdles 14.01 Jaquan Williams Jack Hayward 2009
400 Metres Hurdles 53.31 Nejmi Burnside Saint Andrews 2010
High Jump 2.16m Garette Flowers C.C. Sweeting 1989
Pole Vault 3.65m Anthony Pratt R.M. Bailey 2000
Long Jump 7.42m Kenrick Braithwaite Saint Augustine’s 2004
Triple Jump 15.75m Allen Mortimer C.I. Gibson 1994
Shot Put 14.81m Leonardo Ferguson Nassau Christian Academy 2009
Discus Throw 43.04m Reginald Sands Kingsway Academy 2004
Javelin Throw 60.71m Jermaine Curry L.W. Young 1992
Heptathlon 4,009 Lavardo Sands Aquinas College 2006
Decathlon 5,872 Kevin Smith Bishop Michael Eldon 2009
4x100 Metres 42.20s WARRIORS Bishop Michael Eldon 1989
4x400 Metres 3:18.25s WARRIORS Bishop Michael Eldon 1989

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